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Pain Management

Tucson Pain Managment

When the body is stressed or traumatized, it experiences pain much faster than it would otherwise.  Unfortunately, the source of chronic pain is not always easy to identify.

Massage therapy often helps a person dealing with pain, as part of their overall pain management therapy. The neurotransmitters that help the body go into the parasympathetic (resting) state are increased through effective massage techniques.

Sometimes this means only a few ounces of pressure. When the nerve pathways to the brain are already overstimulated the body can NOT receive deep tissue massage. These nerves need to be lightly stimulated. This is the most effective way to calm the body  and its nervous system down.

This can be  just as effective for headache relief as well as for back pain relief.  Try massage therapy as part of your pain management program.       First, we would help  Identify you as a strong candidate for Massage Therapy by determining if you have been released under doctor care or the doctor agrees that soft tissue manipulation will be a beneficial adjunct to the care you are currently receiving.      Second we would work with you, to determine which treatment of either neuromuscular treatment or possibly a myofascial treatment would be most appropriate for your condition.      Third, we would ask that you inform your doctor that we are going to be performing massage treatments, and see if a Rx or any Dr. directions will be involved.      Fourth, we wish to support effective care for all of our clients, especially those experiencing acute or chronic pain.  We will do our best to attend to your needs, in pain management. Finally we will help you evaluate your own pain level, by acknowledging if there has been a decrease in  severity, frequency, or level of intensity, form what you were experiencing prior to our session(s).   We want both you and your doctor to know if we are providing effective and long lasting results.

With a RX  from your MD, you can receive massage as part of your personal pain management. It may even be possible to reduce or eliminate pain medications with dedication to your wellness and massage. 


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