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Neuromuscular Massage

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Neuromuscular Massage2

Body Benefits Massage is staffed with certified and licensed neuromuscular massage therapists.

Neuromuscular Therapy is based on 5 principles.   These principles include treating ischemia, trigger points, nerve compressions and postural distortion.  A therapist  should follow proper order in their established treatments  to help insure the fastest possible recovery without re-injury.

NMT therapists will work specific muscle tissue based on yor chief complaint(s) to reduce or eliminate spasms and hypercontractions in these tissues.   Then therapists can help you restore proper biomechanics. Many times an individual will not realize what activities or positions they hold, will “trigger” muscle tension to begin again within the body. A knowledgeable therapist will work with you and discuss past history and actions that have brought about the injury, to help insure it does not repeat itself in the future.

We have treated people with carpal tunnel syndrome, sciatica, hip and upper, middle, and lower back issues, many rotator cuff injuries, chronic headaches, eye strain, TMJ, chronic neck and/or shoulder tension, plantar fasciatis, fibromyalgia and much more. We have a very good success rate, as evidenced by our clients.

Clients express that they have benefits a great deal with the treatments a neuromuscular therapist provides.  The additional training and insight , years of experience  , Shawn has as a therapist is invaluable. She is great with listening to their chief complaints, evaluating and assessing their posture and musculature and treating the source problem.

Neuromuscular massage is a great value. It is not just a massage, but rehabilitating therapy!