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Massage Services Available

Please note: several of the therapies listed below are linked to pages with more complete information.

Ergonomic Evaluations:  An ergonomic evaluation  helps to assess injury risk factors. It is followed by recommendations on workplace setup. We also provide appropriate massage therapy for those with or starting to experience problems with workstation situations and can provide therapy for repetitive  movement issues.  Learn More

Mini-facial / Swedish Massage:  This treatment is provided by a licensed esthetician and massage therapist. Available on a limited basis only.

Myofascial Treatment:  No lotion is applied to the skin for this treatment. Instead the massage itself separates fascia from skin and muscles. Fascia  sometimes creates extra layers in the connective tissue from injuries to a joint region or as a scar is developing. Sometimes the extra connective tissue needs to be broken down some so the skin can smoothly move over the fascia and not bind to it. The therapist uses slow direct contact to move and loosen the fascia adhesion. This can be very therapeutic and successful, although some people consider it painful.

Neuromuscular Massage: Neuromuscular massage is also called trigger point /myotherapy. Trigger point work is one of the most common techniques used, but there are plenty of other methods incorporated, such as skin rolling and pulsing.  It uses advanced concepts to treat muscles from origin to insertion. It is useful for chronically tight and painful problem areas, such as for lower back pain. Trained through Paul St John courses, I have the knowledge to treat issues such as TMJ, ringing in the ears, Carpal Tunnel, Shoulder Girdle issues, spinal and sacral issues, Lordosis, and knee issues just to name a few.  Available on a limited basis only. Shawn has been practicing more of this type of massage during the last 10 years, of her 22 years as a therapist.   Learn More

Pain Management Therapy:  Massage therapy can helps when dealing with pain. It is most helpful when it is part of their overall pain management therapy. Effective massage techniques increase the speed with which neurotransmitters help the body reach the parasympathetic (resting) state.  Learn More

Reflexology:  Reflexology follows a theory map holding that reflex points on the foot, hand and ear correspond to areas of the body and/or organs.

Shiatsu / Reiki:  Shiatsu literally means "finger pressure" which is used to help move stagnant energy or "chi" out of the body. I use Shiatsu (Eastern energy-treating meridians and organs) to correct that imbalance.

Sports Massage:  We have been providing sports massage to all types of athletes. From Elite Pro- golfers and Baseball Players, to the weekend warrior bicyclist.  Sports massage is one of our specialties. We never provide a "canned" approach to anyone's needs. When training, we understand that everyone has different levels of  endurance, fatigue,  and soreness This also plays an important role in how the body addresses muscle injury and recovery time. Sports massage addresses joint mobility, stretching and range of motion. This can be done at a sporting event. No oils or lotions are applied. The client usually is dressed in shorts or their sport event wardrobe.  Both pre- and post-event massage are effective ways to minimize injuries due to sports activities.   Learn More

Swedish Massage:  Swedish massage revitalizes and energizes the body. This is done by applying lotion and using gentle, smooth strokes. This helps to improve circulation and relieve body tension.  Learn More

Trigger Point/Deep Tissue:  Trigger Point therapy is also called Deep Tissue therapy. It uses applied pressure to release centralized points of tension and pain.  Learn More