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We make scheduling booking an appointment easy.

Advance appointments are requested.

To ensure a massage therapy appointment on the day and time most convenient to you, we encourage you to plan ahead and schedule in advance. We have both male and female therapists on staff, but they may not be available on a last minute basis.

Same-day appointments are often available, so do give us a call if you need an appointment on short notice. We will do our best to accommodate and will need a minimum of one hour between the time you call and the time  a therapist may be ready to provide you  a scheduled appointment.

Appointments can be  scheduled in 30, 60, 90 and 120 minute increments. For our mobile massage services, we will only provide 30 minute sessions when there are a minimum of 2 consecutive sessions.

If you prefer less  than a full one hour session, please come to one of our two available locations.  We have an EAST side location and a mid- town office, near the intersection of Speedway and Craycroft. Location specifics are found on another page of our website or will be provided to you, if needed when confirming your scheduled massage appointment.

Medical Intake Form

Please download the  medical  intake history form below for you to print and complete. This should be completed and reviewed prior to the  therapists arrival so that we are better informed about medical conditions and needs prior to the on-site session.  We are able to provide lymphatic drainage massage, for those with lymphadema. We will need to know if this condition is acute or chronic.

Massage Medical Massage Intake Form - October 2018 (918 downloads)