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Body Benefits: a History of Caring

Shawn Bates<BR>Owner

Body Benefits Massage originated in 1991 in Tucson with two massage therapists. Owner Shawn Bates combined her business college ideas and previous careers in hospitality, swim instruction and fitness with her drive to help others.

Shawn's athletic background gave her the desire to better understand the body and spirit. That led her to learn massage therapy at the Desert Institute of the Healing Arts. She then expanded her massage experience by working in spa facilities, health clubs and resorts. Over the past two decades, Shawn has continued her work and education to better her skills. She also expanded Body Benefits services to provide a mobile massage therapy option.

Shawn completed her certification in Paul St. John's Neuromuscular Therapy in 2000. In addition to these NMT skills she specializes in deep tissue and focus work. She works with the intention of treating the fascia, muscle tissues and their injuries. Shawn has kept NMT a primary focus in her practice. This brings her more of both challenge and reward when it comes to giving relief to those looking for long-term pain management.

The other therapists of Body Benefits each bring their specific knowledge and skills to the team, helping us adhere to our high standards. Our therapists continuously share information with each other.,This may come from recent continuing education classes we are each required to take or exchanging techniques and skills.